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PrepAndPrivateSchools.com is the leading resource for people searching for independent, private, college preparatory and parochial schools. We are dedicated to helping parents and students connect with those schools across the U.S. Our unique service enables parents and students to compare and research schools they may be considering for themselves or for their children. We provide information about private schools that includes teacher-student ratios, class size, total enrollment, religious affiliation and much, much more. Everyone wants their child to get the best education possible.

PrepAndPrivateSchools.com can help make that happen. With information on almost every school across the country, we make researching and finding the school that is a perfect fit for you and/or your child easier. We use the most up-to-date technology and data to help make comparisons between schools a relative breeze.

From boarding schools, to prep schools and everything in between, we have the largest selection of independent schools available at any site and we provide the most in-depth and relevant information about each site online.

It is our mission to make PrepAndPrivateSchools.com a community where people can share ideas and information regarding issues with paying for independent education, how to select the right independent schools and ratings and reviews of individual schools. To make that happen, we need the help and feedback of people utilizing the site’s search and comparison tools.

So, sign up for this easy-to-use and easy-to-understand service today. Share your thoughts about schools and programs. Do research on educational resources across the country. You will not find a better site to help you in your search to find the right school for you

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PrepAndPrivateSchools.com is wholly owned by eVibrant, LLC. Darrin Cates is the President and CEO of evibrant. Darrin has spent a large portion of his career as a cutting-edge leader in online marketing. Prior to founding evibrant Darrin served as the Vice President of Marketing for the social network Affluence.org. While there he learned the social network industry inside and out.

Darrin is an accomplished and captivating keynote speaker. He regularly conducts one-day seminars to help shed light on complicated subjects like social media and online marketing. His inspiring and enlightening keynote and breakout sessions have entertained and informed organizations across the country. To book Darrin for a future event, please visit the website:


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